A detailed look at how the Circle of Fifths Progression works, with examples.

What is it?

  • This chord progression’s root notes are all the same distance apart.
  • The root notes are all either separated by ascending perfect fourth intervals or by descending perfect fifth intervals.

Example of a Circle of Fifths Progression.

  • In the key of G Major.
  • D — G — C
  • V — I — IV

How does the Circle of Fifths Progressions work?

This can be explained in…

In this article, you will learn what intervals are and how to name them.

Understanding Intervals increases your understanding of scales, melodic patterns, chord building, chord extensions, and chord progressions.

Introduction to intervals.

Intervals are the difference in pitch between any two notes.

If you play its notes in succession it’s a melodic interval. If you play them together it’s a harmonic interval.

The Pitch of a note is…

The 4 Cadences you need to start using in your chord progressions today.

In Part 1 we covered some theory. We also learnt some basic chord progression examples built from 2 chords. We also learnt that the Tonic (I) is the most common chord to start a chord progression from.

We are now going to learn how to end our chord progressions. All…


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